Youth Ministry

Youth Mass

Our monthly Youth Mass takes place the second Saturday of the Month, at 5pm.  We try to have as many young people who are in grade 7 or older to participate in the ministries of the Mass, including reading, music, altar serving, and acting as Extra-ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.  We also have young people take up the collection and bring the offertory gifts up to the front for us.

At times, we need young people to help with other activities surrounding the Mass.  One example of this is the Symbols of Solidarity that people bring to the front of the Church at the beginning of the Mass one weekend during Lent.  Another example is handing out the candies for Random Acts of Kindness week in February.  If you are interested in helping us out with the Youth Mass or other activities, please fill out a Youth in Mass form and let us know.  This can happen at any Mass, not only the Youth Mass.