It is required that parents take a Baptism Preparation session prior to the Baptism of their child(ren).  Please check the bulletin for dates of the session.  There are no Baptisms during Advent or Lent.  Expectant parents are encouraged to take the preparation before the birth of their child.  Baptisms will be scheduled after the workshop has been completed.
Contact: Joyce Plican – 780-476-0584

First Reconciliation

The preparation for this Sacrament takes place prior to First Communion, usually in the fall.  We require parents and children to attend a registration meeting prior to receiving the Sacrament.
Contact: Ann Harding – 780-473-4259, ext.2

First Reconciliation Information Letter and Registration Form

First Communion

In addition to preparation provided by the Catholic School Grade 2 program, our pastoral team helps prepare families for this sacramental celebration.  First Communion registration usually occurs early in the calendar year.
Contact: Ann Harding – 780-473-4259, ext. 2


The school, pastoral team and interested parishioners help our young people (usually in Grade 6) prepare for their confirmation by providing them with an awareness of the commitment that they will be making in our Catholic community.  The Confirmation registration meeting is usually early in the Calendar year.
Contact: Ann Harding – 780-473-4259, ext 2


Couples planning to be married are encouraged to contact the parish office at least 6 months prior to their intended wedding date.  This time is needed for interviews, marriage preparation course and other preparations to be made.
Contact: Fr. Joseph – 780-473-4259, ext.4

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

RCIA is a process for inquirers interested in full initiation into our faith community.  Meeting are held once a week from October to May.  We welcome anyone interested in participating in the process as a candidate, sponsor or team member.
Contact: Eileen Stewart – 780-475-3315

Christian Initiation of Children (CIC)

CIC is for unbaptized children or children of another faith aged 7-13 who are interested in joining the Catholic faith.  They meet once a week for one hour.
Contact: Johanna Davis – 780-472-2372

Annointing of the Sick

This Sacrament is administered for those suffering from a chronic illness, who are undergoing major surgery and/or who are elderly.  If someone becomes seriously ill, the Sacrament can be readily available.
Contact: Fr. Joseph – 780-756-0544 or 780-473-4259, ext. 0