Committees and Groups

Altar Guild:  Parishioners who take care of the linens, vestments, and decorating of the altar.
Contact: Parish Office – 780-473-4259

Adult Bible Study:  This group meets every other Tuesday from 7-8:30pm to discuss/learn about a topic that has been chosen.
Contact: Parish Office – 780-473-4259

Catholic Women’s League: Women of the parish gather and express themselves as one voice on spiritual, cultural and charitable issues.  Meetings are held the first Monday of every month with the exception of July and August.

Children’s Christmas Play: Coordinator, assistants and children aged 5-12 are needed every year to put together the Children’s Christmas Play.  Practises begin in the fall.
Contact: Parish Office – 780-473-4259

Craft Afternoon: Ladies meet Thursday afternoons from 1-3pm at the church to make crafts for bake sales and bazaars.  Please come out and share your talents and ideas.

Decorating Committee: A committee to decorate the church for the special celebrations of the year (eg. Christmas and Easter).  Anyone with ideas or who are just able to lend a hand would be most welcome.
Contact: Shelly – 780-975-1560

Finance Committee: Plans and coordinates the financial and business aspects of parish operations.
Contact: Bob Hempel – 780-475-3091

Fundraising Committee: This is a team of people who raise money for different aspects of the parish.  Currently most proceeds are going towards World Youth Day 2011 to help financially support young adults on their pilgrimage to WYD in Spain.  New members and new ideas are welcome.

Knights of Columbus: Join our parish’s council and be part of the 1.4 million Knights who uphold Catholic values by working togehter for a better tomorrow.  Be a more effective Catholic, have fun and make friends forever.
Contact: Lawrence Carroll – 780-473-6117

Liturgy Committee: To promote and develop the worship of God.  This committee coordinates the liturgical ministries and is involved with all aspects of Liturgy: planning, preparing celebrations, training sessions, decorating, etc.  They meet once a month.
Contact: Ann Harding – 780-473-4259, ext 2

Maintenance Committee: This committee ensures the upkeep of parish facilities. 
Contact: Parish Office – 780-473-4259

Parish Pastoral Council: The council advises the pastoral team and sets policies and guidelines for parish activities.  The meetings are held the second Thursday of the month.
Contact: Bob Lepage – 780-469-0262

Social Committee: This group plans and prepares for our Parish Picnic, Pasta Supper, and works with the World Youth Day group to plan the Children’s Christmas Party, among other events.  We are in need of a coordinator.
Contact: Parish Office – 780-473-4259